Surreal -Percussion Voice Orchestra-

A fine selection of unusual Percussion Effects and more.

Content: Analog Synthesizer Percussion Effects and Filter Zaps created with Minimoog and MonoPoly, digital Synthesizer Percussion Effects created with SCI Prophet VS and Korg Prophecy, Bells, Chimes, Clock, Ethnic Bowls and Gongs, Orchestral Hits, Human Percussion and Voice Effects, and much more.

All details and Audio Track demo clip here

Out now: Orchestra Suite

A convenient orchestral instruments library for everyone who want to avoid a large GB sized RAM occupation.

With 130 instruments and only 630 MB size this is the right tool when producing pop, rock, jazz, electronic and other music styles where decent Strings, Brass Sections, Choir, and solo instruments like Cello, Trumpet, Oboe and all the other orchestrals are on demand.

All details and audio demo track on the product page

Smart Songwriter Suite

Now available: The all-in-one sample instruments collection for songwriting and the band musician.

This 5.45 GB sample library provides 650 multisample instruments from Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Clavinet, Guitars to Orchestrals, the best Vintage Keys and the essential real legends, a huge World Instruments collection. Plus 1000+ Drums & Percussions and Effects section, which is also organized in 35 convenient Kits.

Find out all details and several audio demo tracks on the product page here

New: Tri-Z, Format NI Kontakt

The two Korg synthesizer Trident MkII and Z-1 combined in one handy sample library. Both are great instruments to provide excellent and very powerful lad and pad sounds.

While the analog synthesizer Trident MkII is from 1982 and allows the mix of it’s 3 sections Strings, Brass, Poly Synth for really fat layers, the mid 90s digital instrument Z-1 is based on Physical Model technology and comes with an impressive sound spectrum, from thick pads and leads to fragile and glassy percussive and cinematic sounds.

More details and Audio Track demo on the product page here

Vintage Korgies 2

This is the addition to the recently released Vintage Korgies sample library.

Now featuring

  • Mono/Poly Monophonic/4-Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer
  • MS-20 Semi Modular Monophonic Synthesizer
  • M-500 SP micro-preset Monophonic Preset Synthesizer
  • Poly 800 Polyphonic Synthesizer
  • DW8000 Polyphonic DWGS Synthesizer
  • EX8000 Musitronic expanded programmable Polyphonic Synthe Module
  • DS-8 Digital Synthesizer
  • EPS1 Electronic Piano/String Synth
  • PE1000 Polyphonic Ensemble
  • Symphonie O3 Orchestra Module
  • New SG-1D Digital Piano
  • T1 AI-Synthesis Music Workstation

Again 100 multisamples and 100 ready-to-use Presets. More details and Audio Track demo here

New: ElectraPiano

The legendary Hohner Electra-piano, used for Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven interlude among others. A nice timbre located somewhere between Rhodes and Wurlitzer.

Now available as carefully sampled digital instrument with 5 Velocity dynamics for super sensitive playability.

Recorded through the original internal amp/speaker system with dynamic microphone for powerful stage-approved sound quality.

Format: NI Kontakt

Details and Audio demo on the product page here

The Ringmodulator

Unusual synthesizer sounds created by using Ringmodulator.

This sample library provides 55 multisamples and 60 ready-to-use Presets and Multis with bell-type sounds, lead synths, pads and drones.

Perfect for experimental music, film soundtrack, prog. Format NI Kontakt.

Details and audio track demo on the product page here

New: Garrahand

This sound collection provides samples taken from the unique idiophone percussion instrument Garrahand. Originally from the Caribean area and Argentina it has an intriguing timbre with low, mid and high tones.

It can be used for melodic solo percussion parts and is also a great addition to a percussion set with several instruments.

Find out more details and listen to the Audio Track demo here

Kronos: Rock Organ

The new sample library Rock Organ for Korg Kronos provides 60 multisamples taken from 4+ instruments:

  • Hammond B3
  • Korg CX3 Vintage version
  • Vox Continental
  • Farfisa Compact

plus Pipe Organ and several synthetic organ sounds. Ready-to-use with smart performance Controller Assignment system für Rotary Speaker, Tone Color and Overdrive.

Find out all details and listen to the Audio Track demo on the product page here

New: ARPinism

This sound collection provides the essence of 5 famous ARP instruments which are real legends and wrote music history.

  • ARP 2600 duophonic semi-modular synthesizer
  • ARP Odyssey duophonic synthesizer
  • ARP ProSoloist monophonic Preset synthesizer
  • ARP Quadra monophonic/para-polyphonic ensemble synthesizer
  • ARP Omni string synthesizer

All sounds were programmed on the original instruments and then carefully sampled for finest sound quality. This handpicked selection offers the typical sounds these instruments are famous for.

ARPinism is available in the formats Korg Kronos, Alesis Fusion and NI Kontakt.

Find every detail and audio track demo on the Kronos product page here and the Fusion product page here

Also available in the format NI Kontakt, product page here

Famous Vintage Stringer now also available for Alesis Fusion

This sample library provides 4 different vintage string ensembles:

  • Godwin Symphony
  • Farfisa Polychrome
  • Elka Rhapsody
  • Solina String Ensemble

The collection comes with 32 multisamples and 45 Program Presets. Owners of the already existing Fusion format sample library Solina String Ensemble, which will be still available, can upgrade by paying the difference in price.

All details and Audio Track demo here

DynaGrand for Alesis Fusion

A fine sample library for the lover of Grand Pianos with 2 timbres that suits well for studio recording and live on stage.

2 different instruments, each with 4 Velocity Switches, very expressive playable. Program Presets with useful Controller assignment for convenient realtime sound control.

Audio demo and all details here

New: Vintage Korgies

In the late 70s and early 80s Korg developed several analog synthesizers, string ensembles, electronic pianos and organs. They wrote musical history and were used worldwide by keyboardists live on stage and in recording studios. Names like Kitaro, Geoff Downes, Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman, John Miles among many others – they all played these instruments.

This library provides over 100 sounds taken from the

  • miniKorg-700S Monophonic Synthesizer
  • 800DV Duophonic Synthesizer
  • PS-3100 Semi-Modular Polyphonic Synthesizer
  • CX3 Portable Organ
  • 770S Monophonic Synthesizer
  • PE-2000 Polyphonic Ensemble „Orchestra“
  • PS-3200 Programmable Semimodular Polyphonic Synthesizer
  • Delta DL-50 String Polyphonic Synthesizer
  • Polysix Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer

Get your own impression about these gems from the past by listening to the Audio Track demo here

Available right now in the format NI Kontakt. More details on the product page

The Lambda Sigma

In the late 70s Korg presented two instruments they called Allround-Keyboards: The Lambda ES50 and the Sigma KP30. The Lambda is the polyphonic basis instrument for Electric Piano, Clavinet and Organ, and the monophonic Sigma is for the Lead Synth parts.

This sample library provides their most typical sounds, some of them even in dual channel mode for great stereophonic experience.

Available right now in the NI Kontakt format. More details and Audio Track demo here

The Andromeda for NI Kontakt

The Alesis Andromeda synthesizer is a class of it’s own. This true analog polyphonic synth followed the sonic tradition of famous instruments from Oberheim, Roland, Moog and other legends. As result the sound is incredibly fat, warm and powerful! And musically useful for nearly every genre.

My The Andromeda sample library is a massive collection of 62 multisamples with carefully programmed superb Lead synths, silky Pads, strong Basses and fantastic Percussives.

Audio Track demo and more infos here

Minimoog Classics NI Kontakt format

Now available: The Minimoog Classics provides all the typical sounds of the most famous monophonic synthesizer. This sample library in NI Kontakt format is the essence of years of working with this instrument and sampling the sounds with care.

Bass, Lead sounds, Pads, Percussives – 60 multisamples in total together with 60 ready-to-use Presets.

Audio Track demo and further infos here


Vibraphone sampled with it’s every single metal bar, Steeldrum, dynamic Marimba, Bali Agung bells, Energy Chimes, Hok Kalimba – they all are idiophone instruments useful for so many music genres and styles.

This new sample library provides 19 different instruments of this category that includes beside the above listed also Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Toy Piano, Church Bell, Gamelan and Music Box.

Available in the NI Kontakt format. More infos and Audio Track demo here

Modern Grand Piano for NI Kontakt

Now this acclaimed sample library is also available for the common sample format Native Instruments Kontakt. It is for those who are looking for Grand Piano sounds suitable for contemporary music styles instead of classical

Two great instruments with 6 Velocity Switches to provide a decent dynamic response. And a timbre character which is powerful in the bass, mid and treble range.

All details here

Classical Grand Piano now available in NI Kontakt format

This is a sample library for those who are looking for Grand Piano sounds suitable especially for classical but also for jazz music styles.

Two great instruments with 6 Velocity Switche to provide a decent dynamic response. And a timbre character which is powerful in the bass, mid and treble range. That makes it perfect to use it for studio recordings and live on stage.

Further details and Audio Track demo here

New: Oddish Instruments

Rare and unusual instruments, that is the straight direction of this amazing sample library.

Featuring: Autoharp, Bagpipe, Wooden Hammer Piano, Stylophone, Chimera, Shruti, Casio CT403, Electric Saz, Vocoder, Elysian Drum Scape, amped Vibe, Philicorda, polyphonic Didgeridoo, Energy Chimes, Martenot, Omnichord, Mouthharp, Pianoharp, Optigan, Yamaha PS20, RMI, and many more oddish sound creations.

Format: Korg Kronos

All details and Audio Track demo clip here


This is a new sample library for Korg Kronos and provides Vibraphone, Marimba, several chromatic instruments like Glasses, Bowls, Toy Piano, Steeldrum, Kalimba and many more.

Typical sound character elements are a strong attack, a fading decay and harmonics often with 5th or even unusual interval.

Find out more and listen to the Audio demo track here

New: Stage Grand for Alesis Fusion

Grand Pianos with 3 Velocity Switches – now available for the Alesis Fusion. These instruments allow a very expressive playability, long awaited by every Fusion owner.

This innovative sampling method for the Fusion is even using only 1 Oscillator because the dynamics are within the multisample. So OSC 2, 3 and 4 of a Program Preset are still free for other instruments to mix them with the Grand Pianos.

Find out all details and listen to the Audio Track demo here


A fine sample library for the lover of Electric Pianos. 6 different instruments with up to 3 Velocity Switches and available for the Alesis Fusion.

Instruments: Fender Rhodes Mk1 Suitcase 73 and 88, Hohner Electra-piano and Pianet T, Wurlitzer EP200, DynaRhodes.

Find out more here

Kronos: Superstack

The Superstack is a kind of Tuning Kit for the Kronos. It provides specially designed Layerstack multisamples to make a single Program Preset sound fat like a Combination.

These „Superstack“ sounds are created by using analog and digital synths together with acoustic and electric instruments. Be prepared for 50 multisamples and 100 stunning Presets. Together with a decent Controller programming for Control Knobs 1-8, S1 and S2 Switches, Ribbon, Joystick for each Program Preset.

More details here

Famous Vintage Stringer

The Famous Vintage Stringer provides the 4 most sought after String Ensembles from decades ago:

  • Solina String Ensemble
  • Godwin Symphony
  • Farfisa Polychrome
  • Elka Rhapsodie

Now you can add these timbres conveniently to your music and it will be a sound timeride  to back then right away. Find out more including Audio Demo here

New: German Orchestra

Inspired by famous german music composers like Ludwig van Beethoven, Gustav Mahler and Richard Wagner this sample library w/Presets bank provides all those instruments that made their sound so unique.

Legato and Arco Strings, Choirs, Brass, Woodwinds. The sound content even delivers several instruments which are used for modern german ensembles including Saxophone, Church Organ, Acoustic Guitar and Dulcimer.

German Orchestra is available for the Korg Kronos Music Workstation.

Find out more details here

Collective: Factory content development

Tracktion released the new DAW Waveform. And it includes the sophisticated sample-based synthesizer Collective.

I provided nearly the entire factory sample instruments content with the wide range from Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Clavinets and Organs to Guitars, Ethnic Instruments, Orchestrals, Brass and Woodwind and also the Drum Kits.

Details on the manufacturers website here

Classical Grand Piano

A new sample library with two great instruments perfectly suitable for classical music styles and also for jazz.

Both acclaimed instruments, the Vienna and New York, provide a decent dynamic response with 6 Velocity Switches and a timbre character which is powerful in the bass, mid and treble range.

For studio recordings and live on stage.

Now released for Korg Kronos, other formats will follow shortly.

Find out more here

Freaky Bits

Now for something completely different: We’re back in the early sampler years of the late 70s and 80s. The technology was still on a beginner’s level with 8 and 12 Bit data resolution. And RAM memory extremely limited, samples where pretty small sized, sometimes even just a few KiloBytes. But they sound very cool with lots of character.

The „Freaky Bits“ sample library for Korg Kronos Music Workstation brings back these sounds. Always a bit imperfect, once in a while also rather quirky and rough.

Over 120 samples as sonic essence and a kind of best-of, provided with 128 ready-to-use Program Presets.

More details here

Guitars for Korg Kronos

A collection of 9 different instruments, recorded through several amp/speaker systems and with pickup variations – this is the new „Kronos: Guitars“ sample library.

It provides 35 instrument multisamples and includes 55 ready-to-use Program Presets. Together with a smart Controller assignment to play the sounds rather authentic like the original instruments. Also every Presets comes with a cool KARMA pattern for strums, chord rhythms and arpeggios.

Check the audio track demo clip on the product page here

The new Electric Piano & Clavinet sample library for Korg Kronos

Now a cool Electric Piano and Clavinet collection is done for the Korg Kronos. No less than 9 different instruments which wrote musical history, and all of them are considered as sought after Vintage keyboards.

Fender Rhodes Mk1 Suitcase 88 and 73, Wurlitzer EP200, the Hohner instruments Electra-piano, it was used for the Stairway to Heaven interlude, also the Hohner Clavinet D6 and E7. Plus fine synthetic E-Piano and Clavinet sounds created with the 80s legend Yamaha DX7, in this case the rare Limited Edition model Centennial.

Find out more here

Stage Piano

A new and unusual sample library in the Grand Piano market segment: Instead of highly enhanced and superpolished sounds it delivers worn out instruments, Grand Piano with pickup and Electric Grand Pianos.

Their sound is intentionally the opposite of perfect but with lots of own and unique character. You can literally smell the club stage when playing these sounds.

Product page here

New: Modern Grand Piano for Korg Kronos

This is the sample library for those who are looking for Grand Piano sounds suitable for contemporary music styles instead of classic.

Two great instruments each with 6 Velocity Switches to provide a decent dynamic response. And a timbre character which is powerful in the bass, mid and treble range. That makes it perfect to use it for studio recordings and live on stage.

More details and audio demo here

Kronos: Electric Bass

The Electric Bass sample library for the Korg Kronos. Five different instruments, dynamically playable and for every contemporary musical style.

Multi-sampled with single semi-tones and up to four dynamics. Plus muted, picked and slap variations. Like the real instrument, now for the Kronos. With 40 ready-to-use Program Presets.

More here


Kronos: taped

The classic tape-based sounds from Mellotron, Orchestron, Chamberlin. In total there are 40 multisample instruments recorded as a true rendition to the original instruments.

taped cover 1 large

Plus additional brandnew sounds especially created for this sample library: The original sound recordings were carefully transfered to Tape Machine and then newly sampled to achieve the typical LoFi limited frequency range.

More details on the product page

Audio demo youtube clip

Kronos: Sounds for Images

The perfect atmospheres ready-to-produce for film soundtracks, commercials, computer games, slide shows. For Korg Kronos.

Sounds 4 Images Cover 2 midsize

Sonic scenes that highlight the visuals. Even audiobooks to inspire the spontaneous inner cinema effect. Easy and seamless sound change via Joystick optional. Including field recordings from dockyards, machinery, city traffic, animals. A great soundtool also for any other music production where atmos are on demand.

More details on the product page

Audio demo audio demo youtube clip

New: Kronos Cool Keys 60s & 70s

Besides the famous Rhodes and Hammond there were some very cool keyboards played by many musicians back in the 60s and 70s.


kronos cool keys 60s70s cover 1 midsize edited 2 shadow

Here they are: Hohner Electra-piano, Pianet T (amped) and String Melody II. The string ensembles ARP Omni, Elka Rhapsody 610 and Crumar Performer. And the organ section with the Lowrey Theatre model, Farfisa compact, Vox Continental V301 and Philicorda GM751.


The sample library comes with 90 Program Presets and is rounded up with a few other instruments from this era: Siel Cruise Brass and Strings, Yamaha CE20 Harpsichord and finally the Yamaha SK30 organ.

More details and youtube audio demo on the product page

4 new Sample Libraries for Korg Kronos

No less than 4 new sample libraries for the fantastic Korg Kronos Music Workstation are done:

The Rock Keyboarder

You want really strong Rock style sounds for your Kronos? Then the search is over now! Handpicked multisamples created with famous vintage analog synthesizers Matrix 12, Jupiter 8, Minimoog plus Andromeda A6, the famous Solina and Godwin Symphony, Hammond B3, Yamaha CP80 etc.

The Rock Keyboarder Cover

All details and audio demo youtube clip on the product page


Italian Orchestra

Inspired by the sound of Ennio Morricone, Henry Mancini and Alan Silvestri this sample library w/Presets provides all instruments in one soundbank.

Iltalian Orchestra website large

Find out more on the product page here



This sample library provides the right sounds to spice up any music production with ethnic instruments flavour. A comprehensive list with over 80 multisamples and a couple of one-shots from Alphorn, Bansoori, Celtic Harp and Dulcimer to Panflute, Saz, Tibetan Bowl and Zither.

Kronos Weltreise Cover

Complete content overview and audio demo youtube clip here



The perfect sound source when looking for „just a really good pad“. No gimmicks, no selfplayer poser sounds – these pads simply work for the music.

Kronos Flaechenwerk website large

Further details here


Sample content for Hammond-Suzuki

Since over a year now I am sample content provider for Hammond-Suzuki, the successor of the legendary organ manufacturer. As the instruments like the SK series allow loading sample instruments into the onboard flash-rom every owner of these organs can download new sounds from the Hammond-Suzuki websites (USA, Europe, Germany).

Meeting with Hammond-Suzuki R&D at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2015

Meeting with Hammond-Suzuki R&D at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2015

The growing list of sample instruments covers famous synthesizer legends, orchestral instruments, power stacks and more.


More details and the actual download list on the Hammond-Suzuki Europe website here

Cooperation with Pianoteq

I already created a Presets collection for the french software company Modartt who is developer of the famous and highly acclaimed Pianoteq physical model virtual instrument.

Pianoteq Hohner Collection

Now this time I worked for them on the latest addition to their Hohner Collection. It’s about the new instruments Electra Piano and Pianet T (amped). Both are already available as free update for existing Hohner Collection customers and from now on part of it.


Details and audio demos on their product page here

The new RMk1 -Rhodes Suitcase 73 Ralph Maten-

This is the right sample library w/Presets when you are looking for a Fender Rhodes electric piano with a fantastic and unique sound character. The original instrument owner Ralph Maten is a skilled pianist and mainained the Mk1 Suitcase 73 I have sampled with the help of Jens Lüpke, who is a famous Fender Rhodes serviceman in Europe.

Rhodes Suitcase 73 Ralph Maten seitlich edited

As a result this sample library comes with a 4-Velocity-Switch set of multisamples where nearly every single key is captured. Now the sample instrument sound is very close to the original instrument, which is recorded in a triple way: dynamic mic close, condenser mic near distance, built-in line out.


It is available in the formats Korg Kronos and NI Kontakt.


To get an impression about it listen to the audio demo youtube clip here

New Korg Kronos Sample Library

Now available:

My Minimoog Classics

Kronos My Minimoog Classics Cover

It provides not only the typical sounds of this Leadsynth and Synthbass legend. The unique handling concept also comes with a smart standardised Controller assignment to allow the knob twisting while playing – with ease. So it literally turns the Kronos into a Minimoog.


More details and complete content overview on the product page

Listen to the audio demo youtube clip here

Neu: DX7 Fibel V3.0

Die DX7 Fibel ist wieder da! Bereits 1985 erschienen, wurde sie 2002 neu aufgelegt – und ist ab Februar 2015 in verbesserter Form als Version 3 erhältlich.

dx7 fibel schraeg

Hier wird einfach erklärt, wie man eigenen Sounds mit der Yamaha FM Synthese erstellt. Das ideale Tutorial für Einsteiger! Die Fibel ist DAS bewährte Konzept seit fast 30 Jahren. Erhältlich als praktisches spiral-gebundene Buch mit 48 thematisch organisierten Soundbeispielen. Schritt für Schritt wird alles in leicht verständlicher Sprache erläutert. Mitgeliefert wird ein extra PDF mit Fotogalerie und weiteren interessanten Informationen rund um den DX7, sowie als Bonus teils völlig neue und bislang unveröffentlichte DX7 Sounds.



Best of Vintage Keys 1-4

Now available in 3 sample formats: Best of Vintage Keys 1-4. This is the essence of the most famous Vintage Keys legends. In total this sample library series provides 28 instruments organized in 4 handy packages Volume 1-4.

matrix 12

Each volume comes with 7 great instruments which wrote music history. Only the best and always with their typical sounds. Oberheim Matrix 12, Rhodes Chroma, Memorymoog, Mellotron, Solina String Ensemble, PPG Wave 2.2, ARP Odyssey and so on. Available in the 3 sample formats NI Kontakt, Korg Kronos and Alesis Fusion.


product page format NI Kontakt

youtube clip

product page format Korg Kronos

youtube clip

product page format Alesis Fusion

youtube clip

New Korg Kronos Soundware

Now available:


Kronos Analogic, this turns the Kronos into an analog synthesizer! And Kronos SynthChoir, the human touch for every music production.

Kronos Analogic Cover

Analogic is a handling concept with smart and standardized Controller setting, assigned to the typical synthesizer functions and parameters. It works the same for all sounds of the 125 Presets bank.

youtube clip

product page



SynthChoir is a sample library with Program Presets and provides those useful pad atmospheres everyone likes so much.

Kronos SynthChoir Cover

youtube clip

product page

Out now: Heliosphere for NI Kontakt

This is the new flagship in the pad sound library category. Wide atmospherical scenes, plain pads, subtile modulations.


Heliosphere cover midsize


Layered even with natural environs and special effects. Each element can be controlled individually in the Multi section. An impressive collection of versatile pad and spheric soundscapes, chords and moody lead lines.


youtube sounddemo clip

Product page

New: The Fairlight CMI II sample library now available

The Fairlight CMI II sounds are music history and used for so many hits especially in the 80ies by musicians like Trevor Horn, Hans Zimmer, Stevie Wonder, Alan Parsons and some others.
Now this sounds, over 300, are available as close interval recorded multisamples for Clavia Nord Keyboards that can read nsmp format. Free of charge!


How this? Read more about it below.


How crazy is someone who samples a sampler? Well, I am. Yes, it is true: The new Fairlight II sample library for Clavia Nord Keyboards is done by me. Thanks to instrument owner Stephan Schällmann this project could be realized. His instrument is exactly that perfect shape we did need for this venture.


So the Clavias hired and sent me to the beautiful Switzerland to record all the floppy disk content carefully. And this means close interval multisampling to capture all the details of the several key ranges bass to most upper treble, where effects appear Fairlight inventor Peter Vogel calls the birdy noise. The recordings were assisted by my lovely wife Kathrin Elfman who is quite experienced now with this job (remember her tweaking the Polivoks?).


Back home in my project studio I had a really hard time with editing, mapping and looping everything. Hell of a job! But the results are worth all the efforts, play the lower range of the multisamples and you really get the Fairlight with it’s smooth bass power. So now I wish lots of fun with these sounds that wrote music history to everyone who owns a Clavia Nord instrument which can load nsmp files! As usual the new Clavia sample library is free of charge for you. Life can be great, isn’t it?


Download link and more details about the content here



Fusion ProSoloist by kpr

Now available for the Alesis Fusion: The ARP ProSoloist sample library with all 30 Presets of the original instrument together with 100 Program Presets carefully created with full Controller assignment to simulate the typical ProSoloist performance features.


ARP ProSoloist ambience 1


The result is a soundbank with a lot of character. The ProSoloist was used by Tony Banks, Gary Numan, Herbie Hancock, Tom Coster and other famous keyboardplayers.


Product page

New: ManyOne EazySynth VST

Now available: The new ManyOne EazySynth VST. This software instrument is a must-have for everyone who is tired of feature-overloaded synths but wants to create own sounds though.


waveform blue


Get a quick impression about it with this youtube clip

EazySynth is available as VST and as sample library w/Presets.


Product page ManyOne EazySynth

Product page EazySynth sample library w/Presets




New sample libraries for ManyOne Deluxe

I have released no less than 10 new sample libraries for the virtual sample-based synthesizer ManyOne Deluxe 2.0


Vintage Keys ambience 2


The focus is on Vintage Keys and NeoClassics and here is the list of available multisampled instruments:

The Matrix 12
The Synthex
The Minimoog
The Andromeda
The Pulse
The Z1
The Solina String Ensemble
The Delta
The Lambda
The PE2000
Every sample library provides the typical sounds these instruments are famous for. Details and youtube sound demo clip on the product page.

The new Silver Pieces #2 Audio Sampling CD

It is another step back to the roots:


The new Silver Pieces #2 -Rare Instruments Collection1- is a sample library available as Audio CD.


Silver Pieces 2 Cover midsize


Audio Sampling CDs were pretty popular in the early Hardware Sampler days. Since a while those Vintage Hardware Samplers like Akai S1000, Emu-Systems Emax, Ensoniq ASR10 and others are in the hands of sampling enthusiasts who are doing creative things with those sound devices. For all them I produced a brandnew Audio Sampling CD to get access to rare and unusual instruments ready to sample them. Of course the audio data is alternatively available as WAV formated download product too.


Product page

Making of: The Polivoks

The Polivoks is a rare synthesizer in the western world. It comes from Russia with love. A lot of love for the harsh sound and the military quality chassis.


I am aware this synth since the late 70s when listening to the prog band Omega. It is a duophonic analog synthesizer with a strong Lowpass and Highpass filter. The 2 Oscillators are offering Triangle, Saw, Square and Pulse waveforms.


Many years later, when looking for the real synth legends and with the vision to sample all them, I found one in a very good shape in Hamburg (Germany). The owner Sunny allowed me to record it, so I did.


The first obstacle is the language barrier: All parameters are written in russian, this means a filter cutoff reads среза фильтра . Even for a skilled synthman this is a challenge. But again Sunny was a big help and he explained the entire panel and how to work with it.



So I started to create one sound after the other and recorded them as potential multisample. I took 5 samples per octave and always with a decent length which depends on the individual sound. Sometimes I hold a key for about 10 seconds to capture the entire filter movement, and this is a very special one.



Now this Polivoks filter is really dangerous, and I literally mean it! It’s not the Cutoff parameter, it’s the Resonance. Turning this knob means to be very careful. Very careful! A slightly turn above the far mid section while the Cutoff is in the lower range and the Filter Envelope Decay is setted to a short time makes the sound very angry. Really angry, and it can even kill high frequency loud speakers, no joke. As well as a human ear.


Phew, having that I moved on doing sound after sound and recorded them, in this case directly from the instruments line out. There is so much power, no need for external amp/speaker system to enhance it.


I also did several longer parameter tweaking sessions to add them to the pure multisamples as typical Polivoks soundscapes.


Then the editing began. This means the entire sample recording session audio data was sliced into all the single notes and one-shots. All the pieces are manually cutted and truncated, normalized, polished and finally sustain-looped, what was the most difficult job. Finding seamless loops is a time consuming job when having such moving waves like those coming from the Polivoks. After all I made it though.


The result is The Polivoks sample library, currently available in the common NI Kontakt format. Other formats will follow later.


Check the youtube video clip here




Free Pianoteq sounds: The Klaus P. Rausch Collection

I love the physical modeling software instrument Pianoteq from Modartt.


A while ago they asked my: „What if you would create a couple of sounds for it?“ So I did 12 and beside my versions of the Rhodes, Grand Piano and Clavinet I decided to make some innovative freestyle sounds too. This explains the Pin tacked Piano, the Hard Strat, Folk Harp and Space Wire which is a kind of abuse of the original instrument models.


Pianoteq provides the sounds as the


Klaus P. Rausch Collection


kpr Pianoteq collection midsize


as a free add-on to all owners of the software! You can find it here

Pianoteq website

together with audio demos for each sound and an info box about me.


Have fun playing them!

New: Songwriter Piano Mix

With this new sample library a Songwriter’s dream comes true: 3 cool Pianos plus Pads to get a typical layer sound right away.


Songwriter Piano Mix news blog midsize


Composing is a creative moment and having the right trouble-free tools allows to concentrate on the most important thing: the new song.


Songwriter Piano Mix provides a nicely recorded Grand Piano with 5 dynamics, an electric Stage Grand with 3 dynamics plus 2 famous FM Electric Pianos. Additionally a set of 7 handpicked typical strings, choirs and synth pads is there.


Product page

The Synthex

Now available: The Synthex.


Synthex ambience 1


One of the real Vintage legends: The famous Elka Synthex. An instrument with a very specific sound character, somewhere between Oberheim and Moog. Now available as sample collection for NI Kontakt. Warm analog Pads and Strings, Bass and Lead, Clavinet type sounds, Synth Brass and more.


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Fusion Analogic by kpr

Fusion Analogic by kpr is a handling concept and sound library that turns your Fusion into an analog synthesizer.


All major parameters of an analog synthesizer are assigned to the 14 Fusion’s Controller system: Knobs, Buttons, Switches, Wheels, Aftertouch. This allows to change any sound of the included sound library by simply turning a Knob, pushing a Button and so on.


Fusion Analogic Knob close up pic


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New: Solid Keys


Our next new product developed under the concept „Back to the roots“ is available now: It is Solid Keys! A sophisticated sample library w/Presets for NI Kontakt that provides over 150 handpicked Vintage Keyboards sounds taken from the real legends Yamaha CS80, Moog Polymoog, miniKORG 700S, Solina String Ensemble, Fender Rhodes, Elka Synthex, Yamaha DX7II Centenntial, SCI Prophet 5, Synclavier FM, Roland VP330 and so many more. All sounds are stage and songwriter approved, a essential sound package for all those who prefer plug & play. Find out more details, a complete sound content overview and audio demonstration on the product page here .

Back to the roots: ManyOne Deluxe VST (Mac and PC)


Powered by a 4 GB handpicked sample library with 280 multisamples, over 400 Presets – this is ManyOne Deluxe VST. A must have for everyone who is tired of feature-overloaded soft-synths. Plug and Play, no handling hazzle, just pure fun! That’s great for performing keyboard players.

Back to the roots – this credo suits well for ManyOne Deluxe, and it is a pleasure to work with. Find out all product details and listen to the audio tracks on the product page here!

We also did an interview with sound designer Klaus P. Rausch who is the creator of the ManyOne Deluxe sound content. Read the interview in our company forum at here.

4 new Fusion soundbanks out now!


– Thrill

– Choir

– Plucked Instruments

– Woodwind & Sax

Thrill is a exciting new sound collection! All 111 Program Presets are perfectly for solo, song intro and lead purposes. They are fat, cutting through, voluminous to work fine for your music. Each one is also programmed with a instantly available Arpeggio!

Choir is the human touch for your Fusion! Over 50 nicely created Choir and Voice Program Presets. With sophisticated Controller Assignment concept for easy and effective use. Amazing sound blend and tone color effects by a simple turn of a Control Knob!

Plucked Instruments: From Buzouki to Zither! Play it like the original instrument thanks to the provided Arpeggio concept. The 25 Program Presets are the perfect addition to the Guitar Presets collection.

Woodwind & Sax is a perfectly playable soundbank with a decent Controller Assignment concept and natural sounding performance. This new sound collection provides 40 different and versatile playable Program Presets.

Choir, Plucked Instruments and Woodwind & Sax system requirement: ROM-Expansion 2.0

Find out more and listen to the audio tracks: Fusion sound page

New: Drama Elements


If you are doing soundtracks for movies, this is your definitive atmosphere collection. A huge 3.5 GB sample library with ready-to-use sonic elements in all colors of demand: mystical, friendly, dramatical, horrible, funny, machinery, subtile, surprising. Drama Elements provides long scenes as well as short hits and shots. The list of categories includes everything from sonic liquids, repeater effects to evolving atmospheres and short stingers. In total there are over 1.700 samples to choose from for your soundtrack creations. Find out more details on the product page here.

The new „Fusion Drums by kpr“


This turns your Fusion into a Drum Machine!

A complete set of 5 new acoustic drum kits, ready-to-use rhythms, additional drum pattern MIDI files and instructional tutorial PDF.

The new drum kits are:

– Live Drum Kit

– Rock Kit

– Fusion Kit

– Jazz Kit

– 80s Pop Kit

A specific and convenient Controller concept makes the sound totally versatile for all drum kits. Each kit follows the same convention with access to tone attack, mute, pitch and room ambience. Snares, Hihats and Cymbals are provided in several dynamics for each drum kit, it allows a lively sound like a real drummer does it.

Find out all details and listen to the audio tracks on the product page here.

The new ElektraVox (format NI Kontakt) out now


Choirs, breathy pads, human percussion, voice effects – all this is ElektraVox! Get your music production a human touch. Over 1.000 samples. Format NI Kontakt.

This is not a classical choir sample library, it provides modern and experimental sounds. Plus: Weird robotics, friendly 3rd kind murmering, scary MonstaVoices, creatures, computer style speech, toon hooting.

Get a first impression by listening to the audio track here. Further details on the product page.

Lautmalerei V2.0 update


We just released the Lautmalerei V2.0 update, the great collection of Orchestral Wild Takes. Now the content is upgraded with new orchestral phrases and scenes as well as stunning effects. Get a own impression by listening to the also newly done audio tracks on the product page. Lautmalerei V2.0 is a 1.1 GB sample library with over 650 orchestral scenes and effects and owners of the previous Volume 1, 2 and 3 bundle can update to the Version 2.0 free of charge. Find out all details and the audio tracks on the product page.

Evalon II -Vintage Luxury- out now


This is a definitve Vintage Instruments collection. A huge 5.1 GB sample content together with over 1.900 Presets ready-to-use. The list of provided instruments is the who-is-who of the last 40 years of electronics and synths and includes string ensembles, 8-Bit-Samplers, analog monophonic and polyphonic synths, Mellotron, early organ and portable keyboards and more.


It is available for the ws-engine VST with a sample-based synthesizer under the hood and a musician-friendly handling system. Find out the details and audio tracks on the product page.

Fusion MyOrchestra 3.0 update


The Fusion MyOrchestra sample library w/Presets is now available as a improved 3.0 version. Both original soundbanks are completely revised with a new organization system and a optimized Controller assignment.  The entire sample library w/Presets is now easier to handle and livelier to play. More informations, updated content PDF and a new audio track are on the product page. Original purchasers can request the update data free of charge.

Shut up’n play


Now avialable: Our new TSW Pro II Sun-Play „shut up’n play“, a stunning and huge 18 GB sample content plus over 7.500 Presets. A easy to use soundtool for the hands-on musician and producer, based on a user friendly screen design together with a high-performance sound engine under the hood. The clear and understandable sample library organisation is the perfect source for any music production. Find out more details and listen to the audio tracks on the product page here .

Musikmesse 2011

Likewise the past years bitr CEO Klaus P. Rausch attended to the International Musikmesse Frankfurt 2011, this time once again for the german company Tomeso. It is a distributor for Arturia, FXpansion, Modartt and other manufacturers and Klaus was hired to demonstrate the latest version of Pianoteq, a physical modelling software that simulates a acoustic Grand Piano, Clavinet, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer and more. It was always a terrific event when Klaus played his regular little shows and usually a noteworthy people crowd watched and listened carefully to his playing and product details explanations.


Also the new Arturia Analog Experience The Laboratory was featured by Klaus. This stunning hybrid-system combines virtual-analog simulations of legends like CS80 and Prophet 5 and other 70ies synths together with a 49-keys hardware keyboard controller with aftertouch and several directly accessable parameter controls like Filter Cutoff and two Envelope ADSR slider sets plus a 4 pad set with syncable rhythms.

The picture is done by Peter M. Mahr who is running a musical instruments blog named blogasys, dedicated to the Korg Oasys and since recent times also publishing details and news about the Korg Kronos and other interesting instruments.

The „Fusion New FM by kpr“ is out now!


We proudly announce the release of our „Fusion New FM by kpr“ soundbank for the Alesis Fusion workstation. It provides really new sounds!

bitr CEO Klaus P. Rausch is the man behind this product concept and creation and says: „It is not that easy to program sounds based on Frequency Modulation synthesis, but it is even more a challenge to create also really new sounds. Although I am very familiar with FM programming since the DX7 days it needed a extra intense study time to explore the Fusion’s FM synthesis because it is way more complex than any else synth that works with FM. Additionally I didn’t want to duplicate any existing DX7 sound, so I started from scratch in the first place with the intention making something new. When viewing the playable results now it looks that this venture works.“

Find out more details and listen to the audio tracks on the product page here .

Modern Sampling – The new workshop series at amazona

bitr mastermind Klaus P. Rausch started his new Modern Sampling workshop series at magazine (german language).


You will find answers to the questions

– Why should I create my own samples, there are already a lot of great samples out there?

– How can I organize my sample libraries efficiently and what’s the quickest solution to find specific sounds?

– Are all sampleplayers equal or are there differences?

– What is so special and charming with the old Fairlight and Emulator II samples?

– Controller assignment and key switches – useful or not?

– What software should I use for making sustain loops, audio cleaning, archive organization, etc. for my own samples?

This and much more can be found there, just go the the already published series #1 and #2 here:

Modern Sampling #1

Modern Sampling #2

The workshop series is published monthly.

Happy sampling!

Strictly Cinema


Our new sample library in NI Kontakt format is out now: Strictly Cinema, a specific sample library for movie soundtrack purposes. The huge list of content provides exactly this what is on demand to make a great cinematic sound. Orchestral scenes and runs and effects, dramatic droners, effects divided into the categories short and medium size as well as swoosh and repeater effects. The library comes also with up to 30 seconds length electronic scenes as evolving atmospheres with just hitting one single note on the keyboard. The 1.1 GB library delivers over 700 sounds and Presets and is available right away as download product (optional DVD). More details and audio tracks on the product page .

Strictly Stage


Our latest sample library in NI Kontakt format is available now:

Strictly Stage

This instrument collection provides all those sounds that are perfect for live performance. Powerful lead synths, warm pad sounds, brilliant stage pianos. These 100 sounds are on demand from many musicians since long and now they are available in just one neatly arranged collection and available in the popular NI Kontakt format. For more details and audio tracks visit the product page here .

We are doing NI Kontakt sample libraries now

Many customers asked us to release our sample libraries in Native Instruments Kontakt format. Now we did the first product, it’s „Turmalin -A Kontakt Library-„, which is the first one of a trilogy.


As usual we did something new and kept also our traditional values, this combines the best of both worlds and is pretty supportive to musicians. So Turmalin provides really new sounddesign but also typical vintage style sounds, of course the best ones. With over 550 sample instruments and a total amount of 1.6 GB the new Turmalin is a good start into the NI Kontakt format. Find out more details and several audio tracks on the product page here.

Of course more NI Kontakt format sample libraries will follow, watch out for our news announcements!

Exploring the Fusion’s Drum machine


Yes, the Alesis Fusion is not only a synthesizer but also a drum machine. And a very powerful one too. If you are a Fusion owner exploring it’s Drum options can get you the feeling of having a brandnew instrument, without paying extra money for it and already have it at home right now. Just by looking into the deep of the Fusion’s sound modifier options. Let’s start with a Standard Drum kit, you can find it in the factory ROM Program presets under the name „Standard Set“ O1 (112) in Bank 1. Pressing the Edit button allows you to view the current settings. There is nothing special, the instrument mode is assigned to Drum and this means that you are using samples for the kit. 64 different ones can be assigned to the keyboard keys (MIDI notes) and by pressing the concerned key you can listen to each sound. It is possible to alter the sound by changing the Pitch, using the Sample Start option which gives the option for a different tone attack and one of the most important features is the chance to assign a specific Filter setting for each Drum sound. By the way: A Drum sound might be stacked too, the Fusion allows 4 different samples for one Drum sound. Keep in mind, that you can modulate them and also play them with the various dynamic options (Velocity, Crossfade, Envelope, etc.). Even reverse them is possible!

Now for the extra functions. Each Drum sound can be modulated with a specific action. Just switch to the Mod Page and select any Source Modulation like Envelope and as Destination any of the Drum kits Oscillators (= drum sounds). Having this you can control this Envelope Modulation with any Controller in realtime: Add a Mod (Mod Wheel, Control Knob, etc.) and select as source the previously assigned Envelope with Destination Amount # xx and set a value you like. Now you can control this specific Drum sound parameter in realtime and this means that you can do it live with your hands and even record it in a extra track with your DAW.

But wait, this is just the beginning. As soon as you created a own Drum kit you can import it into the Mix Mode. There you can assign individual effects, and this is a great chance to do really powerful Drum tracks. Some instruments should remain dry but with additional Compressor. Others are to spread a set of them in a stereo field by assigning them with balance amounts. Finally you can add Insert and Bus Effects to enhance those big snares or toms.

Already at the finish line? No! The Fusion houses VA and FM synthesis and both are great for synthetic percussions. Check your existing factory Presets and also any others you have purchased from us or downloaded free from Hollow Sun and import them to the Mix too. They are perfectly suitable as addition to your custom Drum kit.

Still not satisfied? Then use your Fusionconverter to import new and exciting samples! Analog synth percussions, Wavedrum samples, LoFi and early 80s portable keyboard drums – all of them can be easiliy loaded with the Fusionconverter and transfered to the Fusion via USB.

And there are even more options: The Arpeggiator.

You can really use the Fusion as a Drum Machine! Assign any Drum kit to a Program Preset and press the Edit button and select the Arp menu. You will find a own Drum bank named Drum Patterns. Check them to find out how many of them are useful for your music. Start the rhythm by pressing the Arp On/Off button on the Controller panel on the Fusion’s left side and change the speed with the Tempo button above it.  Not fine with the current beat? Go to the Edit Arp, Structure and Playback pages to alter the rhythm easiliy. And finally you can also record a new Drum pattern by pressing the Rec button or import a existing one as MIDI file.

Let’s groove!

Layering sounds


The most modern sample-based synthesizers allow layering samples and waveforms. This is a pretty easy-to-use chance to get new sound colors even by using the trial-error method. Just use the ears to find out how the result sounds good or not when stacking two samples. Sometimes one sample instruments lacks a specific harmonic or the bass range is too weak. Then you can simply add a second sample that provides exactly this, adjust the amount by setting the right level and maybe that’s it. But it is good to know what happens here.

Both sample instruments come up with a harmonic content and when mixing them you will find out, that there is a increment of specific harmonics and levels of them on the one side and even decrement of others – what you did not expect. This might be the masking effect. When layering two sounds where a frequency range is identical, a masking effect will happen and it depends on the actual level how intense the masking is as it depends on the level of the concerned frequeny. If it is identical, the masking effect is 100%. You can use this if you want to eliminate a harmonic partial, just by layering to sounds.

This is not all. If you are using a sample-based synthesizer which allows individual envelope settings for each Oscillator you can even control the duration of this effects. Add or mask the harmonics you want simply by controlling the time duration, or even with a LFO if you want it with a bit „liveness“, for instance a low piano note that changes it’s harmonic spectrum during the decay time.

There are even more options. Is a sound a bit sterilely? This can happen with a sample when it works with a short sustain-loop. Then you can add a waveform that provides a periodic or random animation and adjust the level how intense the effect will be for the general sound.

This method works for many instruments from Grand Piano to Brass as well as Synths and even Drums. You like a Grand Piano sample but it lacks the bell tone in the upper range? Add one different and remove the remaining middle and lower ranges with the keyboard level scaling (Volume). You need a typical 80s D50 sound like the famous Fantasia factory preset? Select a soft airy pad synth sample and add a triangle or belltree or xylophone sample and care for the right envelope setting of it. Consider the above mentioned masking effect to lower specific harmonic partials.

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Update: Fusion MyOrchestra 2.0


The Fusion MyOrchestra is updated to the new version 2.0: Additional samples, way more Program Presets that are perfectly organized, and also available now as hybrid-system – the perfect combination of hardware and software. One of the most impressive features of the 2.0 version is the Controller assignment, that allows a intuitive and purposeful handling. The optional integration of a computer-based sampleplayer VST spreads the capabilities beyond the existing Fusion’s RAM memory limits. All informations including dedicated audio tracks that demonstrate individual modern orchestral instruments on the product page . Details about the new hybrid-system here .