Alesis Fusion: Simulation of Oberheim sounds


The Fusion’s VA is useful for the recreation of classic synth sounds like the famous Minimoog, Roland Juno 60, Oberheim OB-Xa and more. For this venture the Fusion provides several Filter types and Modulation options. In case of Oberheim you need to check those features in the first place to take the right tools. The Filter of a OB-Xa is a switchable 12 dB 2-Pole and 24 dB 4-Pole type. As the Fusion Filter type options are as they are it is useful to work with the Low Pass 1-pole and 4-pole. Keep in mind that the 1-pole does not provide Resonance, so if you want it you must select the 2-pole type instead. The OB-Xa Oscillator 2 allows a detune to Oscillator 1, so you should work with this on the Fusion too. Additionally you can add the Random Detune for both Oscillators, but not too much, the Oberheim synths are quite tuning stable compared to Moog. Next stop is the Envelope setting for the Amplitude and Filter. The Oberheim Envelopes are a bit slow, and the Fusion’s are fast. When using the Delay function you can simulate the slowness, but just a tiny little bit Delay. You can add FM to the both Oscillators as the OB-Xa allows that too. The Pulse waveform can be modulated, this is easy to realise with the Fusion’s Mod Matrix. Just add a additional LFO and use a typical Oberheim range between 0.1 and 20 Hz. The Oberheim Filter sounds pretty smooth and silky, but the Fusion’s Filter is strong and, well, digital and if you use Resonance above 60 or 80% even aggressive and snappy, depends on the Filter Envelope setting. So you must be careful with the Filter adjustment to make it right. Leave the Oscillator 3 out, the OB-Xa offers only two of them. And don’t forget to ignore the Velocity Modulation, the OB-Xa is a non-velocity keyboard. It was available as 4, 6 or 8 voice polyphonic synth, so you can even limit the Fusion’s polyphony to this value the recreate the real vintage feeling when playing it and loose a voice when hitting more keys simultaneously. You will find this parameter on the Program menu subpage Pitch (Number of Voices).

Waldorf Blofeld SL-License: Working with Samples

The Waldorf Blofeld SL-License version loads samples. This is a great opportunity to expand the sound spectrum of this synthesizer. It uses the software Spectre to transfer the samples to the Blofeld via USB connection. Usually it works quite good and reliable, you load a WAV or any other compatible format with Spectre, you can even edit it, and then move the data to the Blofeld. Unfortunately the data transmission is a bit slow, and if the Blofeld does not show a „completed“ message you must do the transfer once more. Samples can be normalized, but if there is any hiss or distortion when playback the sample within the Blofeld you should reduce the signal level with the audio editor. It is a good idea to insert a sample in a existing Preset, this is a good starting point for own sound creations. You can easily mix OSCs with samples, a nice combination for new sounds. Although the Blofeld is a synthesizer and waveform-type samples are very cool it is also possible to load instrument multisamples like Rhodes, Organ or even real Strings to use the Blofeld as regular sampleplayer or to modify them with the internal parameters (filters, envelopes, etc.).


The Blofeld sample memory is limited, 60 MBs is not too much, so the best concept is to get small samples, as many as possible, and take a calculator to find out how many of them can fit into the Blofeld’s sample memory. As soon as this is done you can load them all with Spectre and move them completely to the Blofeld. Now you have everything inside and you can start making Presets out of them. This is also better than everything else because Spectre does not handle Presets data. And if you don’t make clear listings with samples and the concerned Presets it is more than just possible that you get lost with the sample/Presets organisation. With a smart concept you can load 100 or more samples and multisamples into the Blofeld’s 60 MB memory, which is a handsome quantity for hundreds of new Presets based on samples and combinations with the internal OSCs. Especially attack samples are small and effective, also looped one-shot waveform-type samples. Consider that the Blofeld can’t transpose a sample to the entire 127 MIDI notes, so you might get unwelcome results in the upper range when transposing a C2 sample too much. The good news is that even a C5 sample sounds quite good in the lowest range as long as the attack is a perfect zero in the original sample. You can check this with the zoom function in your audio editor.

15-years-anniversary celebration


1995 – this is the year our sample & sound development company was established by sounddesigner Klaus P. Rausch. Since then we released countless sample libraries, synthesizer presets banks, created sample content for musical instruments manufacturers and did factory voicing and more.

We thank our customers for buying our products throughout all the years!

So, our company is 15 years old now and it’s time to celebrate this.

Big partytime for a whole week, and each day is a very special event! Join the party and find out all details by visiting the concerned posting in our company forum at kvr! Go here

Fusion Otherworld III


The last and third part of the Fusion Otherworld trilogy is now available. Raise the yardstick with new ideas – this is the concept of Klaus P. Rausch, maker of the Otherworld series. Advanced sounddesign with new and sophisticated samples and modified them with the Fusion’s exceptional synthesis engine to realize completely new and unheard sounds. Listen to the stunning audio tracks on the product page to get your own impression.

SOLAR -Sonic Opulence of Life and Reality-


This is a new sample library w/Presets for all those who are looking for really new and unheard sounds. A combination of creative sampling and powerful synthesizer engine with fine arts Presets making. Atmospheres, scenes, beats, sound effects – perfect for movie soundtrack and ambient music productions. The smart mix of powerful instruments and life environment effects. Off the field recordings at unusual places, voice effects, acoustic instruments abuse – all this together makes this new library a totally stunning experience that gives you the opportunity to spread your own creativity to new horizons. More details and audio track on the product page.

Alesis Fusion: Bringing more life into the sounds

When playing the factory Program Presets you may have noticed that they sound a bit dry. This doesn’t mean that effects are missing, it is about the Controller action. Although the Fusion provides four cool Controller Knobs the way how they are assigned is pretty important to get access to parameters that can make a sound more interesting.


Looking at the picture above you can see the entire Controller section: 4 Control Knobs, 4 Trigger Buttons and 2 SW switches. Additionally there are the Pitch Bend Wheel and Modulation Wheel, the Foot Controller and finally Aftertouch. In total you have more than 10 different Controllers available and actually you shouldn’t hesitate to use them for every Program Preset. Now for the bad news: The factory presets controller setting is rather poor. Not bad at all, but on the today’s view it isn’t smart. It is a quite rudimentary and especially the important and so useful four Control Knobs are assigned with Equalizer, Effects intensity and envelopes.

This means: It’s time to improve them. Let’s see how this can be done quickly and effectively. Here is a screenshot of Modulation Matrix start page, this is where you assign the Controllers.


To make something right away you could check this with your own Fusion: Select factory preset ROM: PRESET 1  F7 (046) Symphonos, which is a nice pad sound with a stringish sound character. When testing the Controller settings you will find out, that the Control Knobs 1 and 2 get you access for a bit more Bass and Treble, the Knobs 3 and 4 allow changes for the attack and release time, Pitch Bend range is +/- 12 semitones and the Modulation Wheel is for adding vibrato. And frankly speaking: This is not that what makes such a sound full of life when using those Controllers. But the good news is, that you can change that and save the result on a new memory position, perhaps somewhere in your User Bank.

To get a real smart Controller setting you should make a little plan in the first place. What would you like to control with them? You have many options and here is one example:

Knob 1: Pitch control for OSC2 to alter the octave setting between both OSCs.

Knob 2: Filter Cutoff for the main filter to make the sound darker while playing.

Knob 3: Envelope Time Attack to make the attack really fast.

Knob 4: Effect intensity, to get the sound into a big hall, when you need it.

Trigger Button 1: Overall pitch control to get a transpose.

Trigger Button 2: Portamento time for slide effects.

Trigger Button 3: Envelope time to make the sound more staccato.

Trigger Button 4: OSC 2 Volume to make the sound a bit thinner when you need it.

The both SW switches will be discussed in another blog entry, so if you are interested in this you should tune in to this blog periodically. Also you can take the chance to edit the Modulation Wheel setting. A vibrato effect is nice, but the current setting is a bit to much. And if you don’t like the Pitch Bend action, then change it too.

Watch out for the next Fusion workshop issue to find out what exactly you have to assign and set for this new Controller setting. In the meanwhile you can go through the factory presets to get really familiar how they are and what you want to control. Also it is a good idea to view the Modulation Matrix pages to get familiar with the parameters and where they are located.

Fusion C maj 7/9 by kpr


A new sample library w/Presets for the Alesis Fusion workstation and one where many Fusion owner’s asked for since long. The sample library content provides Grand Piano, Electric Grand Piano, Clavinet, Rhodes, Wurlitzer with several dynamics but small enough to fit into the Fusion’s standard RAM. More details and audio track on the product page.



This is a new sample library and it covers all those cheesy wimpy thin sounds we know from the early 80s portable keyboards, analog organs as well as Toy Piano, cartoonesque vocoder phrases and real party toys. The opposite of the GB-driven megafat sample libraries with all those poser sounds and perfect for any track to provide something really different. More details and audio track on the product page.

Fusion Hidden Stash by kpr


This new sample library w/Presets for the Alesis Fusion workstation is based on a special product concept. In a musical arrangement some sounds are ideal for backing purposes. Exactly this is the new Hidden Stash. It contains a large variety of sounds that are useful to keep a track together while working great as part of the entire song and supports all lead sounds. Over 120 instrument samples plus 128 Presets. More details and audio track on the product page.

My Fusion Secrets


The new My Fusion Secrets is a spiral-binding book together with a sample library and two Program Presets banks. Written by Fusion expert Klaus P. Rausch it unveils hidden features, secret functions and quick tipps for everyone who wants to make more out of the Fusion. Find out more details on the product page and the downloadable info PDF.

New products for Blofeld, Origin, Fusion and Evalon II


We released several new products: Two different sample libraries for Waldorf Blofeld (Wellenformen #1 and Attack Samples), a brandnew Presets bank for the stunning Arturia Origin modular synthesizer (more details here)  and the sample library w/Presets 8/12 Bit Heritage by kpr for the Alesis Fusion and the Evalon II VST.

You can find all the informations on the related product pages, and don’t forget to listen to the audio tracks!

NI Absynth Presets


We have a new Presets bank für the Native Instruments Absynth, a sophisticated software synthesizer with a great sonic potential! The soundbank content covers unusual lead, bass, pad and scenic sounds – very useful especially for everything around movie soundtrack, computer animation and ambient music. Details on the product page.



Our famous TSW Pro is available now as improved version with expanded sample library content, a massive 2.000 Presets collection and everything is created for the ws5-engine VST.  The name: TSW Pro II. It is the perfect sample-based synthesizer for all those typical 80s layer sounds. View all product details and listen to over 30 minutes of audio tracks to discover the new TSW Pro II. It is also possible to upgrade from the previous version. Check the product page!

Andromeda Sample Library now also for Alesis Fusion


The Andromeda sample library is now available also for the Alesis Fusion. It is a 630 MB content size sample library with 66 multisample instruments, 60 special sound effects and 49 percussion effects as well as 200 ready-to-use Program Presets with sophisticated Controller assignment for the Control Knobs 1-4, the SW switches and the T Buttons. Product details and audio track on the product page.

New: The Andromeda


The Andromeda is an Expansion for the UX3 VST and other ws5-engine compatibles. This synthesizer is a class of it’s own and provides fantastic powerful lead and bass sounds as well as warmest pads and a lot of others. This sample library is a massive collection of those sounds, and they are carefully programmed and sampled. Content size 1.3 GB, 250 Presets. More details and audio track on the product page.

Two new UX3 Expansions available


We released 2 new expansions for the UX3 VST and ws5-engine compatibles: The Movie Orchestrals 2 is the next orchestral sample library with dramatic, heroic, funny and atmospheric musical elements. Even layers with several samples panned to left and right for our famous and useful 1-key-stacks that can be the sonic illustration of an entire movie scene.


The second new product is also for movie purposes and all other music styles where scenic and atmospheric sounds are on demand: The Movie Spheres 1 is the perfect addition to our orchestral series but this time everything is created with electronic sound devices. Content overview, product details and audio tracks on the product page.

Fusion Samples 1-4 = ROM-Expansion


The Fusion Samples 1-3 got an additional Samples 4 now, and this set of 4 sample banks is the new Fusion ROM-Expansion. 230 multisample instruments and one shots with a total library content of 500 MBs. 280 Presets so far, still counting. Additional special instrument collections available. The new Samples 4 plus 55 new Program Presets package is a free of charge update for all customers who already purchased the Samples 1-3. Send a request to our sales department. More product details and audio tracks on the product page.



Now available: The new „Fusion WORLD INSTRUMENTS by kpr“, a sample library w/Presets for the Alesis Fusion Workstation. This is a huge collection of folk and ethnic instruments from all around the world: Shakuhachi, Psaltry, Santur, Didgeridoo, Cymbalom, Shanai, Koto, Shamisen and many more as well as typical percussions like Gongs, Darbuka, Tabla, Handdrum, Waterphone and more. Details and audio tracks on the product page.

Fusion Guitar Presets by kpr


Now available: The „Fusion Guitar Presets by kpr“. This new Program collection turns the Fusion into a guitar simulator. Dynamic and velocity switch, smart Knob 1-4 assignments together with Modulation Wheel and Aftertouch allows a typical playing style used for guitars. Acoustic and Electric Guitars, 6-string and 12-string instruments and even distorted and overdrive sounds. More details and audio track mp3 on the product page.

Fusion Electric Piano Presets by kpr


This is a new Alesis Fusion Presets bank for pianists and all those who love the famous Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Pianet, DX7 E-Piano and Clavinet legends. All sounds are created by using samples as well as the FM and VA sections. The soundbank includes 40 Program Presets with sophisticated Controller and Arpeggio assignment. Further details and audio track mp3 on the product page.

Christmas 2008 „thank-you-coupon“


We are happy to have you as customer using our sample libraries and sounds for your music, and we hope you have a lot of fun with them. Christmas is soon and we take the chance to say: „Thank you very much!“

You get a little gift from us, and it is the


bitr christmas 2008 „thank-you-coupon“ EUR 10.00


Valid for any of our products from the current catalog.

Copy/paste the above coupon in a mail, this identifies you as official bitr customer, and send the mail to us. Name the product you want to purchase, and your order will be processed right away considering the EUR 10.00 coupon by sending you an order confirmation. Payment via PayPal. The coupon is not transferable to anyone else and is valid from now until December 30, 2008.

We all from bitr are wishing you and your family a great time, much success for your music, good friends and a healthy and peaceful life now and in 2009.

New audio track player system


We have a new audio player system on the product pages now.  Designed by Gary from it provides more convenience, a nice look and cool player features. When pushing the link on the product page the audio player page will be opened and the track starts right away. You can forward/rewind by moving the time bar on the left side with the mouse. The existing mp3 links on our product pages will be replaced with the new system during the next days.

Arturia Minimoog V: Minimoog Classics Patch Charts Kit

Arturia Minimoog V

A new Patch Charts book, audio CD and soundbank for Arturia Minimoog V!

The 100+ Patch Charts of our legendary Minimoog Classics Patch Charts book plus 64 completely new designed Arturia Minimoog V monophonic Presets are now available for this virtual analog software synthesizer. The sounds are the perfect source basis for a real Minimoog classics recreation with the famous Arturia Minimoog V. The patch charts are nicely handwritten on graphical charts by the soundcreator himself for very quick and easy knob setting even on the software synthesizer. The additional 64 monophonic Presets are programmed by using also the new Arturia Minimoog V parameters and saved as bank to import them easily.

The spiral binding book is for a handsome studio use and the idea behind this is to recreate the original Minimoog sounds, as it is an instrument without a Preset memory. So you have to set each knob for a Preset. An included Audio-CD with the original Minimoog sounds as perfect comparison tool and easy’n quick search basis for specific sounds and as audio control for the true recreation of the original Minimoog sounds with the Arturia Minimoog V.

Details and audio track on the product page Minimoog Classics Patch Charts Kit for Arturia Minimoog V

UX3 Expansion: Otherworld

The new „Otherworld“ is an advanced sample library including Presets banks for the UX3 basis library and ws4/5-engine compatibles like Wusikstation etc.

It is a perfect sound collection for all friends of fantastic synthetic soundspheres coming from the Otherworld. Created by using tons of sound devices from analog vintage synths to latest fx plugins as well as very experimental creations with samples. This is state-of-the-art sounddesign.

Shaped Filters and LFOs, Arpeggiators, bit crushers, enhancer and resampling analysers: the results are definitely „otherworld“. Atmospheres wild and aggressive as well as calm and peaceful, evolving and pulsating droners, superfat layers and rhythmic synth effects, unheard FM percussives and bells and totally scary special sound effects. Perfect for all kinds of music as special ambience, sound effects, weird tone colors, movie soundtracks and scenics atmospheres. Each sample and Presets is really versatile too for producing a large number of different sounds! Completely recorded in stereo.

More details on the product page UX3 and expansions

New: Fusion GRAND PIANO by kpr

Now available: The „Fusion GRAND PIANO by kpr“, a sample library including a Program Presets Bank for Alesis Fusion 8HD/6HD!

Long awaited and now available this new sample library provides 4 different Grand Pianos as well as so called Prepared Piano special effects. The instruments are offering various sound characters to this collection perfect for all musical styles.

4 new instrument multisamples plus variations and sound effects: The famous Bösendorfer 290, Yamaha CF and C3 Grand Piani and the Schimmel CO256 Concert Orchestra. The timbre characters range is from classical to pop and rock as well as experimental to provide a timeless and useful collection of Grand Pianos. Library size is 140 MB.

3 seperate Program Presets banks: One provides the Grand Piano instruments with several variations, the second one is programmed with high velocity dynamics especially for those pianists who with the 8HD version and the third bank comes with the Prepared Piano special effects. There are layers and single instruments. Sophisticated controller programming!

More details on the product page Fusion Sound Products

Grand Piano