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Modern Sampling – The new workshop series at amazona

bitr mastermind Klaus P. Rausch started his new Modern Sampling workshop series at magazine (german language).


You will find answers to the questions

– Why should I create my own samples, there are already a lot of great samples out there?

– How can I organize my sample libraries efficiently and what’s the quickest solution to find specific sounds?

– Are all sampleplayers equal or are there differences?

– What is so special and charming with the old Fairlight and Emulator II samples?

– Controller assignment and key switches – useful or not?

– What software should I use for making sustain loops, audio cleaning, archive organization, etc. for my own samples?

This and much more can be found there, just go the the already published series #1 and #2 here:

Modern Sampling #1

Modern Sampling #2

The workshop series is published monthly.

Happy sampling!

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