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New: Kronos Cool Keys 60s & 70s

Besides the famous Rhodes and Hammond there were some very cool keyboards played by many musicians back in the 60s and 70s.


kronos cool keys 60s70s cover 1 midsize edited 2 shadow

Here they are: Hohner Electra-piano, Pianet T (amped) and String Melody II. The string ensembles ARP Omni, Elka Rhapsody 610 and Crumar Performer. And the organ section with the Lowrey Theatre model, Farfisa compact, Vox Continental V301 and Philicorda GM751.


The sample library comes with 90 Program Presets and is rounded up with a few other instruments from this era: Siel Cruise Brass and Strings, Yamaha CE20 Harpsichord and finally the Yamaha SK30 organ.

More details and youtube audio demo on the product page

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