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New: The Fairlight CMI II sample library now available

The Fairlight CMI II sounds are music history and used for so many hits especially in the 80ies by musicians like Trevor Horn, Hans Zimmer, Stevie Wonder, Alan Parsons and some others.
Now this sounds, over 300, are available as close interval recorded multisamples for Clavia Nord Keyboards that can read nsmp format. Free of charge!


How this? Read more about it below.


How crazy is someone who samples a sampler? Well, I am. Yes, it is true: The new Fairlight II sample library for Clavia Nord Keyboards is done by me. Thanks to instrument owner Stephan Schällmann this project could be realized. His instrument is exactly that perfect shape we did need for this venture.


So the Clavias hired and sent me to the beautiful Switzerland to record all the floppy disk content carefully. And this means close interval multisampling to capture all the details of the several key ranges bass to most upper treble, where effects appear Fairlight inventor Peter Vogel calls the birdy noise. The recordings were assisted by my lovely wife Kathrin Elfman who is quite experienced now with this job (remember her tweaking the Polivoks?).


Back home in my project studio I had a really hard time with editing, mapping and looping everything. Hell of a job! But the results are worth all the efforts, play the lower range of the multisamples and you really get the Fairlight with it’s smooth bass power. So now I wish lots of fun with these sounds that wrote music history to everyone who owns a Clavia Nord instrument which can load nsmp files! As usual the new Clavia sample library is free of charge for you. Life can be great, isn’t it?


Download link and more details about the content here



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