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Best of Vintage Keys 1-4

Now available in 3 sample formats: Best of Vintage Keys 1-4. This is the essence of the most famous Vintage Keys legends. In total this sample library series provides 28 instruments organized in 4 handy packages Volume 1-4.

matrix 12

Each volume comes with 7 great instruments which wrote music history. Only the best and always with their typical sounds. Oberheim Matrix 12, Rhodes Chroma, Memorymoog, Mellotron, Solina String Ensemble, PPG Wave 2.2, ARP Odyssey and so on. Available in the 3 sample formats NI Kontakt, Korg Kronos and Alesis Fusion.


product page format NI Kontakt

youtube clip

product page format Korg Kronos

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product page format Alesis Fusion

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