notes from the developer

New: ARPinism

This sound collection provides the essence of 5 famous ARP instruments which are real legends and wrote music history.

  • ARP 2600 duophonic semi-modular synthesizer
  • ARP Odyssey duophonic synthesizer
  • ARP ProSoloist monophonic Preset synthesizer
  • ARP Quadra monophonic/para-polyphonic ensemble synthesizer
  • ARP Omni string synthesizer

All sounds were programmed on the original instruments and then carefully sampled for finest sound quality. This handpicked selection offers the typical sounds these instruments are famous for.

ARPinism is available in the formats Korg Kronos, Alesis Fusion and NI Kontakt.

Find every detail and audio track demo on the Kronos product page here and the Fusion product page here

Also available in the format NI Kontakt, product page here

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