Vintage Korgies 2

This is the addition to the recently released Vintage Korgies sample library. Now featuring Mono/Poly Monophonic/4-Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer MS-20 Semi Modular Monophonic Synthesizer M-500 SP micro-preset Monophonic Preset Synthesizer Poly 800 Polyphonic Synthesizer DW8000 Polyphonic DWGS Synthesizer EX8000 Musitronic expanded … Weiterlesen

New: ARPinism

This sound collection provides the essence of 5 famous ARP instruments which are real legends and wrote music history. ARP 2600 duophonic semi-modular synthesizer ARP Odyssey duophonic synthesizer ARP ProSoloist monophonic Preset synthesizer ARP Quadra monophonic/para-polyphonic ensemble synthesizer ARP Omni … Weiterlesen


Vibraphone sampled with it’s every single metal bar, Steeldrum, dynamic Marimba, Bali Agung bells, Energy Chimes, Hok Kalimba – they all are idiophone instruments useful for so many music genres and styles. This new sample library provides 19 different instruments … Weiterlesen

Kronos: taped

The classic tape-based sounds from Mellotron, Orchestron, Chamberlin. In total there are 40 multisample instruments recorded as a true rendition to the original instruments. Plus additional brandnew sounds especially created for this sample library: The original sound recordings were carefully … Weiterlesen