4 new Fusion soundbanks out now!


– Thrill

– Choir

– Plucked Instruments

– Woodwind & Sax

Thrill is a exciting new sound collection! All 111 Program Presets are perfectly for solo, song intro and lead purposes. They are fat, cutting through, voluminous to work fine for your music. Each one is also programmed with a instantly available Arpeggio!

Choir is the human touch for your Fusion! Over 50 nicely created Choir and Voice Program Presets. With sophisticated Controller Assignment concept for easy and effective use. Amazing sound blend and tone color effects by a simple turn of a Control Knob!

Plucked Instruments: From Buzouki to Zither! Play it like the original instrument thanks to the provided Arpeggio concept. The 25 Program Presets are the perfect addition to the Guitar Presets collection.

Woodwind & Sax is a perfectly playable soundbank with a decent Controller Assignment concept and natural sounding performance. This new sound collection provides 40 different and versatile playable Program Presets.

Choir, Plucked Instruments and Woodwind & Sax system requirement: ROM-Expansion 2.0

Find out more and listen to the audio tracks: Fusion sound page

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