notes from the developer

The “Fusion New FM by kpr” is out now!


We proudly announce the release of our “Fusion New FM by kpr” soundbank for the Alesis Fusion workstation. It provides really new sounds!

bitr CEO Klaus P. Rausch is the man behind this product concept and creation and says: “It is not that easy to program sounds based on Frequency Modulation synthesis, but it is even more a challenge to create also really new sounds. Although I am very familiar with FM programming since the DX7 days it needed a extra intense study time to explore the Fusion’s FM synthesis because it is way more complex than any else synth that works with FM. Additionally I didn’t want to duplicate any existing DX7 sound, so I started from scratch in the first place with the intention making something new. When viewing the playable results now it looks that this venture works.”

Find out more details and listen to the audio tracks on the product page here .

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