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UX3 Expansion: Otherworld

The new “Otherworld” is an advanced sample library including Presets banks for the UX3 basis library and ws4/5-engine compatibles like Wusikstation etc.

It is a perfect sound collection for all friends of fantastic synthetic soundspheres coming from the Otherworld. Created by using tons of sound devices from analog vintage synths to latest fx plugins as well as very experimental creations with samples. This is state-of-the-art sounddesign.

Shaped Filters and LFOs, Arpeggiators, bit crushers, enhancer and resampling analysers: the results are definitely “otherworld”. Atmospheres wild and aggressive as well as calm and peaceful, evolving and pulsating droners, superfat layers and rhythmic synth effects, unheard FM percussives and bells and totally scary special sound effects. Perfect for all kinds of music as special ambience, sound effects, weird tone colors, movie soundtracks and scenics atmospheres. Each sample and Presets is really versatile too for producing a large number of different sounds! Completely recorded in stereo.

More details on the product page UX3 and expansions

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