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New: Fusion GRAND PIANO by kpr

Now available: The “Fusion GRAND PIANO by kpr”, a sample library including a Program Presets Bank for Alesis Fusion 8HD/6HD!

Long awaited and now available this new sample library provides 4 different Grand Pianos as well as so called Prepared Piano special effects. The instruments are offering various sound characters to this collection perfect for all musical styles.

4 new instrument multisamples plus variations and sound effects: The famous Bösendorfer 290, Yamaha CF and C3 Grand Piani and the Schimmel CO256 Concert Orchestra. The timbre characters range is from classical to pop and rock as well as experimental to provide a timeless and useful collection of Grand Pianos. Library size is 140 MB.

3 seperate Program Presets banks: One provides the Grand Piano instruments with several variations, the second one is programmed with high velocity dynamics especially for those pianists who with the 8HD version and the third bank comes with the Prepared Piano special effects. There are layers and single instruments. Sophisticated controller programming!

More details on the product page Fusion Sound Products

Grand Piano

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