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Arturia Minimoog V: Minimoog Classics Patch Charts Kit

Arturia Minimoog V

A new Patch Charts book, audio CD and soundbank for Arturia Minimoog V!

The 100+ Patch Charts of our legendary Minimoog Classics Patch Charts book plus 64 completely new designed Arturia Minimoog V monophonic Presets are now available for this virtual analog software synthesizer. The sounds are the perfect source basis for a real Minimoog classics recreation with the famous Arturia Minimoog V. The patch charts are nicely handwritten on graphical charts by the soundcreator himself for very quick and easy knob setting even on the software synthesizer. The additional 64 monophonic Presets are programmed by using also the new Arturia Minimoog V parameters and saved as bank to import them easily.

The spiral binding book is for a handsome studio use and the idea behind this is to recreate the original Minimoog sounds, as it is an instrument without a Preset memory. So you have to set each knob for a Preset. An included Audio-CD with the original Minimoog sounds as perfect comparison tool and easy’n quick search basis for specific sounds and as audio control for the true recreation of the original Minimoog sounds with the Arturia Minimoog V.

Details and audio track on the product page Minimoog Classics Patch Charts Kit for Arturia Minimoog V

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